HUB logistics

Established in 1992, HUB logistics group is an independent, privately-owned Finnish logistic services corporation with a focus on material and information management. HUB's services include wooden packaging production, packing services, warehousing, outsourcing, staffing and consulting. It is through these additional services that our customers enjoy added value throughout the value chain. HUB logistics has almost 800 employees in 15 locations both in Finland and in Poland. The co-operation between HUB and its customers is long lasting because HUB is ready to take full operational responsibility for multiple operations and processes in the supply chain.

HUB briefly

The story of HUB Logistics begins in 1992, at a time when quality systems first arrived in Finland. HUB’s current Chairman of the Board, Aarno Törmälä, founded the company with the hope of offering education and consultation on quality systems to various logistics service companies. With Finland recovering from a recession at the time, the idea of developing externalized logistics services and taking overall responsibility for internal logistics for service companies was unheard of. It was this idea of quality systems which then spread to company processes and services that ended up creating a clear view on how the logistics service could be developed in Finland.

Fitting perfectly with the service idea in which the service provider offers a focused solution and where its purpose is to be the logistic centre of the material flow, information management and capital, the word HUB was added to the company name in 1997.

Due to customer demand in the year 2000, HUB began producing logistics services – starting from forwarding, trade and industrial sectors. In the beginning of that same year there was an exciting demand for the development of industrial sector logistics and outsourcing. Ultimately, the name and logo for HUB logistics became a unified brand for subsidiaries and the development of services became more technology centred as best practices were in demand throughout the world.

Quality and environmental politics

HUB logistics dates back to the beginning of 1990’s, when quality systems arrived to Finland. At the beginning HUB offered quality system consultation to logistics service companies. As the operations grew, HUB began to offer logistics services as well. The basis of HUB logistics functions has always been excellent service and service quality. HUB logistics’ ability to compete is based on the service quality our customers experience.

Our status at the service chain is meaningful also for the environment. We are able to effect our customers way of doing in logistics guidance, optimizing transportations, recycling packagings and in waste treatment. We follow all regulations set to operations and environment by legislation and thereby engage in preventing environmental spoilage. Our staff working at our customers locations respect local operational policy, and support our customers quality- and environmental related goals and targets.

Every HUB employee’s goal is to learn and develop personally in quality- and environmental issues during their entire career at HUB logistics. Our common target is continues improvement. We enroll the best mode’s of operation in all organization levels, and our top-management is responsible for the informing and training. Our top management sets goals for the continues improvement for the Group level and each of our branches set their individual goals independently. The outcome is evaluated with many types of quality- and environment indicators.

The guide to our day-to-day life: our mission, values and vision


We change logistics with new service innovations


  • Active development
  • Grasp on functions
  • Honor
  • Responsibility
  • Win-win-win


HUB logistics is rapidly developing as the fastest growing logistics partner for information and material handling.

  • We innovate and develop our customer functions
  • We grow together with our customers
  • We ensure our growth through excellent customer service experiences
  • We educate our personnel for continuously better quality and efficiency

Quality and environmental certifications