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The story of HUB logistics begins in 1992, at a time when quality systems first arrived in Finland. HUB's current Chairman of the Board, Aarno Törmälä, founded the company with the hope of offering education and consultation on quality systems to various logistics service companies. With Finland recovering from a recession, the idea of developing externalized logistics services and taking overall responsibility for internal logistics for service companies was conceived. It was this insight on quality systems which spread to those company processes and services, creating a clear view to the logistics service level in Finland.
Fitting perfectly to the service idea in which the service provider offers a focused solution and where its purpose is to be the logistic center of the material flow, information management and capital, the name HUB was added to the company name in 1997.

Due to customer demand in the year 2000, HUB began producing logistics services-- first for the forwarding, trade and industrial sectors. At the beginning of that same year there was an exciting demand for the development of industrial sector logistics and for outsourcing. Ultimately, the HUB logistics name and logo became a unified brand for subsidiaries and development of services became more technology centered as best practices were in demand throughout the world.