Let HUB handle your internal logistics

...so you can focus on business! Our outsourcing services include, for example, call-offs, continuous replenishment (CRP), receiving, collecting, packing and shipping functions. HUB logistics is committed to the continuous development of functions and works closely with each customer to achieve this. We have years of experience in working with all industries and service sectors.

Made just for you!

HUB creates development programs for internal logistics in co-operation with our customers. This way the customer can focus on business, while HUB takes care of the logistics process. The size and scope of outsourcing is flexible meaning that HUB can handle all kinds of value-adding services to satisfy our customers’ every need. Our service model’s transaction-based prizing and development goals ensure that our customers’ logistics costs are transparent and variable.

Controlled ramp-up

Outsourcing is a decision which requires partners to possess unique knowledge and to maintain high professional skill. HUB logistics has vast experience in logistics and packaging takeovers resulting in improvement of the business conveyance process, as well as in project and risk management. Our project team, named individually for each customer, makes sure that the ramp-up process is a success!

Culture of continuous improvement

HUB logistics finds it important to continuously develop the customer’s delivery chain control. The aim of the personalized LEAN-program is to reduce the total cost of the delivery chain while increasing service quality and service value for our customers and the end customer. We have developed a systematic functioning model for constant improvement and we’re using it to create clear and measurable benefits.

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Teemu Hämäläinen

Solution Design Engineer


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