From wood to packaging

HUB logistics Packaging Oy specializes in delivering wooden packaging and packaging services. In addition to packaging, HUB creates drawings, packaging documentation and manuals for packaging as well as managing any extra equipment such as cranes which might be required for product packaging and delivery.

Comprehensive service

HUB’s packaging projects come with full-service packaging plans to be used for the delivery of entire production lines. These types of projects always take into consideration the stringent delivery demands and structure of things such as sea containers and necessary export and handling documentation. HUB provides the means for maintaining supplementary storage for customers either at one of HUB logistics warehouses or at the customers’ premises.

Packaging products

HUB’s wood packaging product catalogue is extensive and adapts to all of our customers’ needs. We specialize, among other things, in board boxes and crates, pallets and platforms. We either design the packages ourselves or use our standard solutions depending on the project. HUB’s wood packaging centre is located in Riihimäki, Finland.


Project packaging

HUB’s project packaging includes the full services for export shipments:

  • Reception of goods
  • Manufacturing of packages
  • Packaging, container-loading and stowage jobs
  • And all the necessary documentation for delivery

Other services can also be included in our projection packaging – everything from labour exchange to complete plant relocation.


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