HUB logistics has almost 30 years of experience in dedicated service, supplying customers with a great variety of logistics operations and extending professional applications to a wide range of companies. We develop our services in co-operation with our customers to meet their needs which has proven to be extremely beneficial for HUB customers in many ways. We have collected some of our success stories on this page.

Keys to minimizing the total cost of procurement

Abloy Oy has externalized its operative procurement, material handling, supervising and development by selecting and co-operating with specific suppliers such as HUB logistics. Abloy Oy feels that the versatile services and emphasis on the importance of development has been an influential factor in making their choice. “The service palette at HUB logistics meets our demands perfectly and we acknowledge HUB as a great long-term companion”, says Abloy’s Strategic Buyer Maiju Laukkanen.

Due to successful co-operation it is clear to Laukkanen that HUB not only maintains an extremely professional service and takes responsibility on mutually agreed matters, but also has the ability to react to change. Laukkanen also reports that Abloy Oy has seen clear results during their co-operation with HUB logistics. “The number of our suppliers has gone down, and our stock values are more reasonable”, adds Laukkanen.

Flexibility in material control

Marioff Corporation Oy trusts the workmanship of packaging and storing services at HUB logistics and has outsourced their wood packaging to HUB’s professional hands.

Marioff Corporation Oy is the leading high fog water mist technology developer, delivering their HI-FOG water mist protection technology worldwide. Marioff is a part of the UTC Building & Industrial Systems unit, which in turn is a part of United Technologies Group.

Marioff Corporation hoped to achieve an agile and flexible service partnership, to intensify their logistics functions and to certify their approach. HUB logistics Oy has been able to provide the desired outcome and sufficient flexibility in its service.

“HUB logistics’ strengths are a quick response times, a professional way of working and their ability to complete agreed tasks while providing customer-focused service at all levels,” reports Marioff Corporation Oy’s Logistics Manager, Tanja Parkkila. During this co-operation we have been able to increase both capacity in material flow control and flexibility in stock-control.

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Cooperation with a versatile partner

HUB logistics is a proud partner of Sulzer Pumps Finland and is proud to be able to say that it handles their packaging services and customized logistics added value services. Sulzer began their search for a reliable partner and was looking for someone who could guarantee a rapid takeover with the possibility of outsourcing packaging functions, delivery assurance and cost effectiveness in continuous development functions. Sulzer expected that the service provider would prioritise work safety issues and accept clear responsibility as well as interfacing responsibly from the very beginning of the co-operation. Performance requirements included consistent high quality and productivity together with flexibility and quick reaction times.

Sulzer chose HUB logistics as a partner because of its service coverage which enables HUB to provide the necessary functions very cost effectively. According to Sulzer, HUB’s greatest strength is its ability to invest in versatile co-operation where development and improvement of suggested functions actually function well. Increased quality in packages and packaging, as well as investment in time and knowledge are an integral part of planning and development at HUB.

Overall internal logistics in the automotive industry

HUB produced the overall internal logistics services for Valmet Automotive and has responsibilities such as the movement of all internal production material as well as the operation of a segment of material packaging. Together with the client, HUB developed automotive factory logistics, which potentially will position Valmet Automotive as one of the industry’s top players.

The most important qualities for a service provider, according to Valmet Automotive, are the will and ability to develop functions. Investment in co-operation and development must be both demonstrated and measurable in all functions. Valmet required that their service provider must be trustworthy and careful, so that they can focus on their own core functions. Valmet chose HUB logistics due to its delivery assurance, commitment level and trustworthy development plans; a commitment of high-quality guaranteeing cost efficiency.

Valmet found HUB logistics’ key account manager’s way of working to be one of its greatest strengths, as there was always a clear forum for communications and moving matters forward dependably. This is the very reason to have partner-based operations – both parties benefit from it.


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HUB's other success stories

Customer X

Staff reduced from 18 to 3 by concentrating operations

Approximately 1,1 min shorter turnaround in a 14 min. operation

Decrease of delivery errors and reclamations, yearly average of shipping accuracy 99,98 %

Customer Y

30 % cost savings with the HUB takeover

50 % cost saving after 1,5 years from take over when compared to the starting point

ICT-system consulting and constant development of the business in co-operation with the customer

Customer Z

Recognizing how to save 7,7 % in costs yearly

Constant development in demanding logistics circumstances

Close co-operation and risk sharing in investments