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Efficiency and delivery assurance in handling gas

AGA, AB Industrial Gases Company outsources their Riihimäki, Finland production plant logistics and personnel to HUB logistics. AGA is the leading gas company in northern European and Baltic countries. "AGA's most important reasons for outsourcing are cost efficiency and personnel availability, which ensure that things run smoothly during normal operations as well as in special situations", says factory director Pekka Vaahtera. With these solutions the logistics functions become real variable costs. Vaahtera's point of view is that tight cooperation and development of day-to-day functions are key factors to successful outsourcing. HUB logistics is proud of the role they play in taking responsibility for AGA's production factory return logistics as well as the operative function of their dispatching department.

Throughout HUB's cooperation with AGA, the logistics functions have continued to achieve concrete results. Set delivery assurance goals are being met and, at the same time, production functions are being transferred to logistics services. This provides an excellent example of how careful handling and efficiency can provide significant growth. When personnel have an opportunity to develop their professional skills, the entire work atmosphere gets better. Seasonal peaks are handled with part-time workers and, at the same time, a shared responsibility leads to quicker problem solving. Each of these facts mentioned contribute to the increase in AGA's cost efficiency.