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Complete production and material control development

Lumikko Oy began a production development project in the summer of 2010 choosing HUB logistics as their project leader and companion. Project goals such as arranging production, production areas, developing material control and establishing trustworthy information flow were set. Value flow surveys, trajectory analyses, optimization control of material flow (systems, purchasing, warehouses and on the factory floor), workplace planning and implementation of development projects were established and operations underway.

Lumikko felt the need to renew production functions for years, but there were no in-house resources for executing this. Production was often cleaned up but, since processes were never changed, the old way of doing things quickly returned. Lumikko needed a service provider who, in addition to planning, would be able to help with the execution of change. One of HUB logistics' strengths is a concentration on production logistics functions with special expertise in functioning on customer premises. Building a manufacturing process that would make history, without interruptions in production, was one major goal. Workspaces and tasks were redesigned so that movement inside the factory was minimized, making this partnership a huge success as interruptions due to lack of parts in the product series were nearly completely eliminated. Goals were both set and met during this cooperation and, toward the end of the project, HUB logistics was additionally placed in charge of supervising operations to ensure a continuity of the solutions developed.