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Marioff Corporation Oy


Flexibility in material control

Marioff Corporation Oy trusts the workmanship of HUB logistics’ packaging and storing services, therefore Marioff’s wood packaging is entrusted to HUB’s professional skill.
Marioff Corporation Oy is the leading high fog water mist technology developer, delivering their HI-FOG water mist protection technology worldwide. Marioff is one part of the UTC Building & Industrial Systems unit, which is a part of United Technologies Group.

Marioff Corporation’s hopes were for an agile and flexible service partnership, to intensify their logistics functions and to certify their approach. HUB logistics Oy’s service totality includes this desired service and sufficient flexibility.

“HUB logistics’ strengths are quick response times, a professional way of working and the fact that they accomplish agreed tasks while providing customer-focused service at all levels,” reports Marioff Corporation Oy’s Logistics Manager, Tanja Parkkila. With this cooperation we have been able to increase both capacity in material flow control and flexibility in stock-control.