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Packaging services and -products

HUB logistics Packaging Oy specializes in delivering wooden packaging and packaging services. These services include professional planning of packaging using a CAD system as well as optimizing the packing materials and creating prototypes for testing. In addition to the packaging boxes, HUB logistics Packaging creates drawings, packaging documentation and manuals for the packaging as well as managing any extra equipment such as cranes which might be required for product packing and delivery.

HUB Packaging complete project packages come with full-service packaging plans for delivery of entire production lines. These types of projects always take into consideration the stringent delivery demands and structure of such things as sea containers and necessary export and handling documentation.

HUB logistics provides the means of maintaining supplementary storage for customers either at one of HUB logistics' warehouses or, a warehouse on customer premises. 

"Sulzer chose HUB logistics as their partner due to HUB logistics wide range of services. HUB logistics was capable of implementing the necessary functions very cost efficiently. Sulzer has experienced that HUB's greatest strength is its capabilities and its investment in a versatile co-operation, in which developing processes and suggesting improvements have brought great results. The quality of packages and packaging products has improved and HUB's investment of both time and knowledge has enabled this development." Please read the entire Sulzer Pumps Finland endorsement here...