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Production logistics

Assembly and set-up

embling and packing products requires a diverse and professional staff. Various types of seasonal changes as well as changing market situations introduce challenges for maintaining the ideal level of personnel. HUB logistics' production logistics service provides a flexible, professional staff for these ever changing situations.

As a value added service, HUB logistics takes responsibility for receiving components, stocking and delivering to startup-locations or even directly to the production line. This includes details such as product set-up and marking, stacking and kanban systemizing. Customers provide the product structure, quantities and forecasts and HUB experts handle the product assembly, delivering ready-for-use products to the customer or third party.

HUB logistics is experienced in substantial assembly takeovers and is eager to hire existing customer personnel in order for them to continue their work under new management. The basis of our function is that the production model evolution not only be limited to takeover, but that it also include an accurate development plan designed for the production process to become more flexible and efficient in the future.

Production logistics in Russia

HUB logistics has developed expertise in production logistics within the Russian customs area. Currently operating a production logistics concept in Karelia Russia, HUB customers are able to achieve great cost savings.

Production logistics development in Karelia can be very challenging, however, when utilizing HUB experience and services, customers can focus more on simply moving their actual production. HUB is experienced with the challenges of obtaining production permits and, when no investments are necessary for purchasing production lines, start-up is smoother, easier and less risky.

All types of production equipment can be delivered to Russia using a temporary customs procedure and, the same equipment can also be easily returned to Finland if need be for repair, for example. This service is excellent for set-up and assembly functions. Production logistics' biggest single advantage comes from the vast difference in production costs between Finland and Russia. Considering all direct costs and side costs of assembly, the calculated cost benefit can be as high as 30%.